The Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

5 Reasons You Should Be Using A Travel Agent 

When it comes to planning a vacation, we seem to have unlimited resources at the tips of our fingers. Whether you want to jet off to the Caribbean or Canada, booking a flight with a few taps on your phone is easier than ever. But what about after you arrive at your destination – Where do you stay, and what activities do you do? Sure, internet access allows you the ability to plan your own vacation, but at what cost? You could spend hours researching transportation, vetting accommodations, and reading about activities, only to show up and find that what was presented online may not accurately represent what you see in person. So, how do you navigate through the endless information and countless options when planning a trip? It’s easy – you don’t do it by yourself. With the vast resources and options available today, travel agents are more relevant now than ever before. Keep reading to learn how using a travel agent can benefit you and why the smartest travelers have already tapped into this key resource.

1. Travel Agents Save You Time and Money (And Stress!)

The prospect of planning a vacation can be equally fun and frustrating. Researching destinations yourself may start off exciting, but flash forward to 5 hours (or days) later of reading Google reviews and searching for savings and you find yourself even more overwhelmed than when you started. Enter the ever-valuable travel agent. When you work with a travel agent, like the experts at KBR Travel Group, they do that legwork for you. You don’t have to stress about finding the ‘best’ resort because travel agents with firsthand experience can cut through the noise and conflicting opinions you see online. By providing travel options that meet your needs and budget, using a travel agent is sure to alleviate much of the frustration that comes with planning a trip. Additionally, they likely have access to routes and rates that the average consumer may not know about. And the best part is travel agents can pass those exclusive packages and promotions directly to you, thus saving you money and a lot of headaches.

2. Protection via Travel Assistance

Let’s talk about something that no one likes to think about when planning a trip: something out of your control goes wrong. Your connecting flight is canceled, your rental car isn’t ready on time, and your room isn’t satisfactory. If you’ve booked with a travel planner, you’re able to get personalized attention and fast assistance with resolving these problems. The travel agent will be your advocate and easily handle any mishaps. No waiting in line behind 40 people at the ticket counter, you just make one call to your travel advisor and they take it from there. They get your trip back on track so you can get back to enjoying yourself.

3. Recommendations Galore

As well-traveled as you may be, there are certain things – or even certain places – that you just might not know about. It is a travel agent’s job to be in the know about up-and-coming destinations and to help match your vacation goals with the perfect accommodations. Travel agents also have an abundance of firsthand travel experience, so they can serve as a great resource for any and all of your questions. Ultimately their unique inside knowledge and travel background can help save you time and make sure you’re spending your money on things you value the most.

4. Exclusive Perks

Travel planners who have been in the industry for years often have access to perks you wouldn’t be able to find on your own. Experience in the industry and relationships with other travel providers mean great travel advantages for you. Maybe it’s a room upgrade or a waived fee for a popular tour. Travel advisors are frequently able to add perks to your vacation plans. This also comes in handy if you’re struggling to get a reservation at the hotel’s finest restaurant or an appointment with the resort’s best ski instructor – any time there is scarcity, personal connections reign supreme. Travel Agents spend years – or even decades – building these personal connections and are able to put that to work for you. Even if it’s as simple as a chilled bottle of champagne upon checking into your hotel room, travel planners are able to provide special touches to your trip to ensure it’s one to remember.

5. Better Trips

At the end of the day, isn’t this what it’s all about? Using a travel planner is all about making your life easier and your trip unforgettable. Cost savings, unique experiences, and exclusive perks are all just part of the bigger picture – a personalized, hassle-free vacation that is perfect for you.

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