Top 5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent

Do I need a travel agent? Yes, you need a travel advisor. Did you catch that change? (Spoiler alert: you need an advisor, not an agent.) 

Quickly, Five Things You Don’t Need:

    1. You don’t need a transactional travel agent
    2. Or a 1-800 call center
    3. Or a DIY’er/hobbyist
    4. Or a newbie with a steep learning curve
    5. Or even worse, a scam artist with phony credentials

You need a well-traveled, competent advisor who will provide guidance and services beyond booking. 

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent
Top 5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent
Top 5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent

You need a professional. But why?

Here are five reasons why you need a travel advisor – now more than ever: 

#1 – Save Time

A simple Google search of your desired destination can leave your head spinning. KBR Travel in Mountain Brook, Alabama, will take the guesswork out of researching and evaluating options available to you. Our goal is to save time and avoid the hassles that often come with vacation planning. We can eliminate hours of unnecessary research.

#2 – Stress-Free Planning

Travel, although enjoyable, remains complicated in the post-Covid era. Professional advisors are engrossed in travel full-time, so we’re aware of the ever-changing conditions and pandemic-related restrictions you may experience as the virus mutates. When you work with KBR Travel, you will know the protocols well in advance, and we will secure the correct documentation for you. You should be confident in your itinerary and comforted that we have you covered if something changes. We will advise you on travel insurance, so you don’t have to worry about potential penalties for cancellations or the hassles of securing a refund.

In addition to health and security measures, we specialize in details you may not think of when planning on your own. This is often the mundane details such as transfers, check-ins, best and worst times to travel, accommodating a large group, and much more. Our knowledge and experience prevent potential headaches and guarantee a seamless travel experience. 

#3 – “Seen It All” Attitude

Travel should be about building memories – good memories, that is. But all unforeseen events can happen on vacation, and a good travel advisor knows how to handle difficult situations. When you’re away from home and run into trouble – think weather delays, flight cancellations, lost luggage, even natural disasters, medical emergencies, or civil unrest  – KBR Travel will act as your advocate, making the necessary itinerary changes needed to get your trip back on course.  

#4 – Special Perks And Accommodations

As mentioned above, an advisor will be your advocate during the unplanned and unfortunate. But we also want to use our connections to delight, surprise, and secure your access to exclusive excursions and authentic experiences. Our travel partners worldwide are well-vetted to create your desired luxury travel experience. When you work with KBR Travel, you will also benefit from everyday perks like accommodation and transportation upgrades, such as adjoining rooms or better-than-anticipated views; food and beverage bonuses including free breakfasts or difficult-to-find reservations; extra resort amenities or spa credits; even late check-outs when available. We can work with your preferred travel rewards programs to help you maximize your benefits and enhance your overall experience. 

#5 – See The Big Picture

What’s your travel vibe? Do you want something relaxing or exhilarating? Do you prefer moderate or boutique accommodations? Are you an experienced traveler or crossing something off your bucket list? Will you be traveling solo or looking for someplace to entertain the entire family?  A consultation is necessary to build rapport and tailor a travel experience specifically for you.

KBR Travel will set up a discovery call to identify your vacation goals.  We will learn about your unique travel interests, past experiences, and expectations. You will then receive a customized itinerary based on your preferences. We can handle all the details for you, or it can be a collaborative process if you wish to be more involved. The important thing is that expense, time, and experience be balanced to best suit your needs.  

Travel The Best Way With KBR Travel

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